About 50 homeless teens were served dinner on September 12 at the Volunteers of America Teen Shelter.  The teens, from across the country but now living in Utah, were most appreciative.  Honey-baked hams, potatoes au gratin, broccoli, green salad, milk and cookies were the fare of the day.  They seemed to love it because most came back for more...especially the potatoes.  
Those who served were Steve and Deb Whipple, Ray and Anne Price, Rich and Sylvia Mucha, Morris Linton, Rich and Teresa McIntosh, and Steve and Liz Warner.  A fabulous time was had by all.  The kitchen is so well equipped that it is a pleasure to serve meals at the VOA facility.
The young people were polite and freely expressed gratitude for the meal.  One young man yelled 'God Bless You Volunteers' as he waved goodbye. 
Pictured left to right: Mike Deputy, Glenn & Marijane Lambert, Bry & Sue Davis, Sheila Deputy, Vicky and Chris Davison, Pam March, Safia Keller.
Club 24 Rotarians joined forces to clean up the Jordan River by Canoe! We paddled, trimmed trees and picked up garbage, all while having fun!
Many thanks to Ashley Patterson and Tim Brown for setting up this great project. You may not know that our Club adopted part of the Jordan River. If you would like to help with the monthly cleanup, you can contact Tim Brown.
Jeff Creveling at the paddle
Sophie, Alex, Brett, Tina, MJ, Rachel and Jeff!

Rotarian Rosie Chadha invited friends and family to join her for May’s dinner service at the Homeless Youth resource Center.  You can see from their smiles they had  great time and found the experience rewarding.  Rosie’s team did a full Mexican meal in honor of Cinco De Mayo.   Rotarians provide, prepare, and serve dinner every month.   Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant donated half the cost of the food.




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